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Brazil 2 pin Plug AC Power Cords

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Brazil 2-pin Plug AC Power Cords are essential electrical accessories for homes, offices, and various establishments in Brazil.

  • Model: D15
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    Model No. D15
    Rated Current 10A
    Rated Voltage 250V
    Color Black or customized
    Cable Type H03VV-F 2×1.0~1.5mm2
    H05VVH2-F 2×1.0mm2
    H05RR-F 2×1.0~1.5mm2
    H05RN-F 2×1.0mm2
    H07RN-F 2×1.0~1.5mm2
    H05V2V2H2-F 2×1.0mm2
    H05V2V2-F 2×1.0~1.5mm2
    Certification UC
    Cable Length 1m, 1.5m, 2m or customized
    Application Home use, outdoor, indoor, industrial, etc.

    Product Details

    Brazil 2-pin Plug AC Power Cords are essential accessories for electrical devices in Brazil. These power cords are designed with two pins, allowing them to be easily connected to wall sockets in the country. The cords are suitable for appliances that require a 10A and 250V power supply.


    Product Features

    One of the important features of these power cords is their UC certification. UC certification ensures that the power cords meet the safety and quality standards set by the Brazilian regulatory authorities. This certification guarantees that the cords have undergone rigorous testing procedures to ensure their reliability and safety during use.

    These power cords are versatile and can be used with a wide range of appliances, including fans, lamps, radios, and small kitchen appliances. They provide a secure and stable power connection, allowing devices to function optimally.

    Product Advantages

    The Brazil 2-pin Plug AC Power Cords are manufactured using high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. The PVC insulation protects the cords from damage and provides insulation for safe usage. The cords are also designed to be tangle-free and easy to store. Furthermore, these power cords have a compact design, making them convenient for travel or everyday use. They are lightweight and easy to carry, allowing users to connect their devices to power sources wherever they go.

    Our high-quality Brazil 2-pin Plug AC Power Cords with 10A 250V UC certification are reliable and essential accessories for various electrical devices in Brazil. With their safety certifications, versatile application, and quality construction, these power cords provide a secure and efficient power connection for a wide range of appliances.

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