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CEE 7/7 EU 3 Prong Plug to IEC C15 Socket AC Power Cord

Short Description:

CEE 7/7 EU 3-pin Plug: suitable for European standard sockets, convenient for users to use in Europe.

  • Model 1: PG03/C15
  • Model 2: PG04/C15
  • Product Detail

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    Model No. Extension Cord(PG03/C15, PG04/C15)
    Cable Type H05VV-F 3×0.75~1.5mm2
    H05RN-F 3×0.75~1.0mm2
    H05RR-F 3×0.75~1.0mm2 can be customized
    Rated Current/Voltage 16A 250V
    Plug Type Euro Schuko Plug(PG03, PG04)
    End Connector IEC C15
    Certification CE, VDE, etc.
    Conductor Bare copper
    Color Black, white or customized
    Cable Length 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m or customized
    Application Home appliance, electrical appliance, high temperature settings, electric kettles, etc.

    product features

    CEE 7/7 EU 3-pin Plug: The plugs are suitable for European standard sockets, and convenient for users to use in Europe.

    High Quality Material: Our power cords are manufactured with high-quality materials for durability and stability.



    Product advantages

    Safe and Reliable: Our power cords have passed strict electrical safety certification to ensure the safety of users when using them.

    Applicable to Multiple Places: The standard sockets are suitable for European regions and convenient for users to use electrical equipment during travel or work.

    High Temperature Durability: The C15 plug is specially designed for high temperature equipment, which can stably transmit power for a long time at higher temperatures.


    Our high-quality CEE7/7 Euro Schuko Plug to IEC C15 Socket Power Cords are suitable and convenient for users in various electrical equipment or high temperature devices, such as electric kettles, server rooms, computing networking closets, etc.

    product details

    Plug Type: CEE 7/7 Euro Schuko Plug(PG03, PG04)
    Connector Type: IEC C15
    Wire Materials: high-quality materials
    Wire Length: can be customized according to customer needs

    Product Delivery Time: After the order is confirmed, we will finalize production and arrange shipping promptly. We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality products and exceptional service.

    Product Packaging: We use professional packaging cartons to ensure that the products are not damaged during transportation. Each product undergoes strict quality inspection to ensure that customers receive high-quality products.

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