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Attention should be paid to excrementers who have such a lamp at home, there are cats and dogs who love to lick it, the poisoning is almost gone_Rubin

       Título original: Sovkovodists who have such a lamp at home, pay attention, there are cats and dogs who love to lick it, the poisoning is almost gone
        Those who breed cats and dogs should pay attention to the fact that in foreign countries there is a domestic cat that likes to lick something like a salt lamp, which caused sodium poisoning and almost took his life. In fact, not only cats, veterinarians have said that such a salt lamp is very attractive to dogs too.
        New Zealand resident Mattie Smith reportedly found her 11-month-old pet cat Ruby behaving very strangely before going to work on the morning of July 3, according to foreign media reports, she thought it was because of the cold weather. so she just started. Didn’t take it to heart.
       But when she came home at night, Matty found that Ruby’s condition worsened, she could not walk, eat, drink, see or hear.
        Matty immediately took Ruby to the vet, where the vet said her brain was swollen from sodium poisoning. Sodium poisoning can be fatal in pets, with symptoms such as seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of coordination, eventually leading to severe neurological problems in the animals as well.
        While looking for the cause of the cat poisoning, prompted by the veterinarian, Matty remembered that Ruby seemed to be licking a Himalayan salt lamp at home, which meant she had ingested a lot of sodium. So Matty immediately got rid of the salt lamps at home.
        This type of poisoning is actually more common in dogs, according to veterinarians, and this is the first time they’ve seen it in cats. “Salt lamps are addictive and dangerous to animal life.”
       Luckily, Ruby is currently recovering and Matty said, “I’m glad he’s still with me and now with proper nutrition and hydration, he should be back to normal.”
        A salt lamp is a type of light decoration handmade from natural crystalline salt ore. Usually, a large natural salt block hollowed out in the middle is placed on the base, into which a light bulb is built. Many people believe that salt lamps protect against radiation and release negative oxygen ions to improve air quality.
       Salt lamps are very common in many homes, so if you have pets, you need to pay special attention to whether you have such lamps in your home because they are very attractive and deadly to cats and dogs.
       On social media, Matty specifically reminded other pet owners to pay attention to the harm that salt lamps can cause to cats and dogs at home.

Post time: Aug-10-2023