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Home electricity safety, starting from the power cord

Nowadays, every family cannot do without electricity, and household appliances such as TV sets and refrigerators cannot do without electricity. However, there are countless incidents due to improper use of electricity. Many of these incidents are related to power cords. Because once it is damaged, it will cause a fire, assuming that it is not repaired in time will become a serious consequence. Therefore, to safely use electricity at home, it is necessary to know the power cord, and to protect and guarantee it.
Generally, the function of the power cord is to make the electrical appliances energized and used normally. The planning is not messy. The first is the three-layer planning, the inner core, the inner sheath and the outer sheath. The inner core is mainly the copper wire used to conduct electricity. The thickness of the copper wire will directly affect the conductive power. Of course, the material will also affect the conductive power. Nowadays, even silver and gold wires with very good conductivity are used as the inner core. But the price is expensive, mostly used in defense technology, rarely used in household electricity; the material of the inner sheath is mainly polyvinyl chloride plastic or polyethylene plastic, which is the same material as the usual plastic bags, but the thickness To be slightly thicker, the primary function is insulation, because plastic is an excellent insulator. In family life, sometimes the house will be relatively wet. At this time, the protective sheath can prevent the inner core from wetting. In addition, plastic can Isolate the air to prevent the inner core copper wire from being oxidized by the oxygen in the air; the outer sheath is the outer sheath. The function of the outer sheath is similar to that of the inner sheath, but the outer sheath needs to function very well, because the outer sheath is in direct contact The external environment directly protects the safety of the power cord. It needs to be resistant to compression, abrasion, high temperature, low temperature, natural light, fatigue damage, high material life, and environmental protection. Therefore, the choice of outer sheath must be based on practice Work environment to choose.
Knowing the composition of the household power cord, you must learn how to prevent the danger of household electricity. In the usual household electricity, you need to pay attention: try to place the household appliances in a ventilated and monotonous local place to prevent the lines from being wet and damaged; In non-use situations, it is necessary to cut off the power supply; do not overuse household appliances to prevent overloading of the line work, excessive temperature and burnout and cause fire; do not use electrical appliances in thunderstorms to prevent damage to the power cord due to lightning and serious consequences ; It is necessary to always check the condition of the circuit and the outer sheath on time. Once the outer sheath is found to be damaged, it is necessary to replace it, otherwise dangerous incidents such as electric leakage and electric shock will occur; pay attention to the sockets used in the circuit, and it is necessary that there is no damage or short circuit. Prevent the circuit from burning due to short circuit of the socket. At the end, a reminder is needed. Every family needs to be cautious about the question of electricity use. Just take precautions and do the usual protection and repair work to protect the life of the family.

Post time: Jun-21-2023