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How to distinguish between true and false salt lamps?

At present, the domestic salt lamp market is uneven. Many manufacturers without qualifications and raw materials use fake and inferior crystal salt and inferior processing technology. The crystal salt lamp manufactured by the former not only has no health care effect, but may even cause damage to health. The latter made it. The crystal salt lamp has a rough craftsmanship, and it is not beautiful at all.
When choosing a salt lamp, you must choose a brand manufacturer. At present, there is only one salt lamp manufacturer in the domestic salt lamp market that has a salt lamp patent, which is the first choice for buying salt lamps. Although some other large-scale manufacturers do not have patents, they are larger in scale and the salt lamps they produce are also guaranteed.
To distinguish the quality of the salt lamp can be carried out from the following three aspects.
1. The real crystal salt comes from the Himalayas. It is formed by a variety of chemical reactions buried in the ground by seawater hundreds of millions of years ago, which is comparable to the formation process of diamond. The real crystal salt has fine texture, translucent luster, natural color, and translucent crystal shape, while inferior or counterfeit crystal salt has a dull luster, uneven structure, many flaws, turbid texture, and emits light.
2. The salt lamp is a handicraft that combines ceramics and crystal salt. The craft level of the ceramic production process has a direct impact on the quality of the salt lamp. The production process of the salt lamp has to go through various processes such as beating, grouting, drawing sculpture, and repairing the embryo. Every link must be in place. If there is a slight error, various defects such as flaws, punches, gaps, cracks, etc. will appear. Therefore, when choosing a salt lamp, you must carefully observe the appearance, if it is a defective crystal salt lamp, please do not buy it. Be sure to choose a crystal salt lamp with a bright appearance, exquisite shape, and natural and beautiful luster.
3. The quality of the salt lamp power cord can also distinguish the production process of the salt lamp. Although the power cord is a small thing, it can also be seen from the small. It can be seen that the company pays attention to details and further sees the production of the company Culture and quality level. The high-quality crystal salt lamp is made of high-temperature and flame-retardant pvc material, which effectively guarantees the safety of electricity use. The thick copper wire is covered in it, which has strong stability and can ensure long-term stable work.
When choosing a crystal salt lamp, you must pay attention to the authenticity of the crystal salt lamp!

Post time: Jun-21-2023