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why the same model specifications of the wire but different in price?

Wire and cable is also a mass material, the value is relatively high, many opportunistic people will move on this crooked mind, there is no shortage of cable manufacturers, in order to obtain higher profits, the use of inferior raw materials, and even cut corners on the production process, wire and cable about everyone’s life and property safety, we are aware of the importance of its quality, However, in the actual procurement process will still accidentally into the pit, some of the nominal qualified products between the price difference is so large, it will make people confused, today for everyone to analyze the reason.

Copper is the main raw material of wire and cable, national standard wire and cable requirements are the use of high-quality oxygen-free copper, if only look at the weight of copper can not identify the quality, scrap copper and oxygen-free copper rod price difference of 10%, then the price of the cable will be different. Our company uses high-precision oxygen-free copper, which has good electrical conductivity and high safety.

There is also that the cables at both ends are positive targets, and the middle part is non-target, so a lot of costs are saved, and the price of the corresponding cable will be much lower. The detection cable can not be cut from the middle, there are many ways to reduce costs, we must careful.

Post time: Sep-14-2023