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Australia 12v salt lamp cable with 303 switch E14 lamp holder

Short Description:

SAA Approval: This product has passed the Australian SAA certification, with a high quality and safety guarantee.

  • Model: A17
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    Model No. Salt Lamp Cord(A17)
    Plug Type Australian 2-pin Plug
    Cable Type H03VVH2-F/H05VVH2-F 2×0.5/0.75mm2
    can be customized
    Lamp Holder E14
    Switch Type 303 On/Off Switch
    Conductor Bare copper
    Color Black, white or customized
    Rated Current/Voltage 1A 12V
    Certification SAA
    Cable Length Longer than 1.8m
    Application Himalayan Salt Lamp

    product features

    SAA Approval: This product has passed the Australian SAA certification, with a high quality and safety guarantee.

    1A 12V: These salt lamp power cords are suitable for 12 volts output, which can meet various needs of use.


    Product advantages

    Safe and Reliable: Since the product has passed the Australian SAA certification, it complies with Australian safety standards in terms of material selection and electrical performance. So this product is very reliable to use.

    Convenient and Practical: The product is equipped with a 303 switch and an E14 lamp holder. These designs allow users to conveniently control the working status of the salt lamp, and at the same time replace the bulb easily.

    Wide Adaptability: Since the product has a 12 volts output, it can be widely used in various electronic equipment and salt lamps.


    This product is suitable for the following scenarios:

    Home Decoration: Salt lamps, as an ornament with soothing and air-purifying functions, can be placed in bedrooms, living rooms and other places to add a warm atmosphere to the home environment.

    Office Place: Using salt lamps in the office or study room can help reduce eye fatigue, improve the working atmosphere and improve work efficiency.

    Commercial Space: Salt lamps are widely used in commercial places, such as hotels, SPA halls, etc., through their special light and smell, to bring customers a new sensory experience.

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