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Japan plug salt lamp cable with rotary switch E12 butterfly clip

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Salt lamps are a sought-after choice in today’s world of increasing focus on personal health and home decor. The Japanese salt lamp cables with rotary switch and E12 butterfly clip we recommended here can provide a convenient and safe use experience for your salt lamp.

  • Model: A18
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    Model No. Salt Lamp Cord(A18)
    Plug Type Japanese 2-pin Plug
    Cable Type VFF/HVFF 2×0.5/0.75mm2
    can be customized
    Lamp Holder E12 Butterfly Clip
    Switch Type Rotary Switch
    Conductor Bare copper
    Color Black, white or customized
    Rated Current/Voltage According to the cable and plug
    Certification PSE
    Cable Length 1m, 1.5m, 3m, 3ft, 6ft, 10ft or customized
    Application Himalayan Salt Lamp

    Product Advantages

    Safety Assurance: These Japanese standard salt lamp cables are PSE certified and meet strict safety standards. They are designed with a Japanese standard plug and are compatible with most Japanese household sockets. The signal transmission is stable, the current output is uniform, and the service life of the salt lamp is effectively protected.

    Rotary Switch: Unlike other common ordinary switches, these salt lamp cords are equipped with a rotary switch, which makes the cords more convenient to adjust the brightness of the salt lamp. You can gradually brighten or dim the salt lamp's light with a simple turn of the switch. This feature allows you to create the ideal lighting atmosphere according to different scenes and needs.


    Additionally, our salt lamp cords have an E12 butterfly clip socket, the size that fits most salt lamps. This clamp design makes changing the salt lamp quick and easy. You only need to insert the plug of the salt lamp into the butterfly clip, then there are no extra tools or operations required.

    As a high-quality socket salt lamp cable, it is rated at 125V to meet your household electricity needs. Not only that, but it also has durable features to ensure that you do not need to replace the cable frequently during long-term use, bringing you a longer service life and a better experience.

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